Interested in joining a group of people that are interested in running at the Carnegie Center?  We are too!

Beginner runners:  Have you ever wanted to start running, but didn't know how to do it?  Or, have you gone out on runs and have had many unsuccessful attempts because you felt that you could not stick with it?  We have been there.  Running with a group of people that are just starting out is a motivating factor that can help you get in shape and have fun in the process.  We are currently looking to assess if there is interest in putting a group together that will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  You will be accompanied by a certified trainer that will conduct a warm-up and proper stretch and cool down.  We also plan on putting together a schedule of optional 5K races.  Interested?  Call 609-577-5921.

Intermediate runners:  Do you run three miles or more, but are looking to find a group to track your milage and plan out race maps?  Do you want to participate in a team with other like minded individuals?  Or, do you want to get in better shape for a race, triathlon or other event?  If you are interested in joining an intermediate to advanced run club at the Carnegie Center, please call 609-577-5921.