Are you looking for team building activities or instructional fitness seminars for your business?  We can bring the sessions to you or you can come to the 101 Carnegie Center fitness facility for a great group seminar.  From Bring Your Child to Work Day to Mindful Meditation seminars to Health Fairs, we provide the instructors and the equipment.  For more information, please call 609-577-5921.  

Do you like to workout with a great community of people?  Our small group exercise classes are geared towards people like you at the Carnegie Center.  All of our instructors have worked or are currently working in the corporate lifestyle and understand what it is like to sit or stand at a desk all day long.  Our classes help to alleviate tension and they help to keep you healthy and moving in our stress filled society.

​Personal Training

Call or sign up for a free assessment to start creating a specialized program for you.  Is your goal to loose those last few extra pounds or do you just want to keep up with your kids?  What is your motivation to stay healthy?  We will talk about picking the right package to fit your goals.

In the Gold and Platinum levels, you will receive a fitness journal.  In this 10-12 week program, we plan exercise routines and develop schedules that fit into your lifestyle.  With each workout, you will receive a list of exercises to keep in your journal for future reference.  In addition, more workouts will be emailed to you to keep you engaged and working towards your goals.